About Us

Hotel Promotions Services (HPS) was established in 1971 and we are the UK’s oldest independent, family-owned hotel booking specialist.

As much as the travel industry has evolved, we stick by our old-fashioned traditional values. We offer a personal telephone service for those who prefer a human voice and with our experience and expertise we find the perfect accommodation. 

Our online services are tailored to each user, Travel Agents access our trade only option by hitting the BLUE BUTTON.


Customers wanting to arrange their own accommodation can do this by using the RED BUTTON which takes them through to our hotel partner site. NB, if you use this option you will pay the hotel when you check out, we do not take payment.

What we Offer

Here at HPS Hotel Reservations, booking hotels, Villas and self-catering is done differently. We are not a call centre but a small London based team of experienced people that know how to offer a good service. Rather than a machine built to find the cheapest deal, we’re here to find the right deal for you. 

We don’t cold call and we won’t ask for your personal details unless you want us to come back to you with a quote. We will not hold onto your details nor share them with anyone else. The process not only feels more human and personal but is also built around what works for you. Whether you prefer booking online or over the phone, we’re here to make booking easier.

Travel doesn’t have to be tedious. The way we do things has been the same since day 1. We’re real people in the UK, doing what we know best in a straightforward, courteous manner. We understand that booking can be challenging and we want to reduce your stress.